Are you in Love with Acting?? Start Here..

Posted on February 19, 2018

Charting a successful career in tinsel town is what many aspire for but only a few pursue. It is true that an acting career requires dedication, effort, and chasing that is normally needed in other careers, but fame and fortune don’t come to those who wait. Everybody needs to start somewhere.

While building a career in acting is one thing, it is of equal importance as to how to proceed towards a successful one. There are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind as an actor, but we list out five essential lessons that you need to grab on, early in your career.

Increase your network among casting directors, agents, producers or directors

A manager, casting director, or an agent are like filters through whom you will have to inevitably pass through. These people are well-versed in the industry and especially with what a director is looking for in an actor. All you need to do is to knock your audition out of the park. Leave the rest for them to decide.

Know the type of roles you can do

There were a lot of roles and characters of different age groups that you experimented with when you were in school. But, when you are auditioning for a role for a commercial film or even an advertisement, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to play much outside of your general age, height, weight etc. Be confident of what roles you can do and let your portfolio reflect that person. Find the right role for yourself first before you venture into an experimental zone.

It’s the hardest at the beginning

An actor’s life may look extremely glamorous on the outside but it takes years of hard work, effort, and stress to make it big in the industry. The business is a for those with a persistent and stubborn heart. Believe in yourself even if you feel like you have gotten a hold of the bottom rung of the ladder. Be patient and keep brushing on your talent every day.

Work at it every single day

If you want to get through those first years of difficulty, you will need to work at it every single day. You cannot depend on fate and cannot wait to send out the emails. You need to make those calls and remember to network. Do at least one of these things every day so you know you are not leaving everything to chance. Find yourself an agent who will be able to get you auditions. Work on yourself by building on your confidence, attending workshops for actors and staying fit.

Being nice pays in the long run

Well, now that you have probably landed the role, don’t hold your nose up high. Be proud of what you have accomplished and stay humble and grounded in your roots. It takes time to build a reputation and no one really likes a loud-mouth. Treat everyone with respect and try your best at doing good work.

If you want to be in this business, you need to be persistent. It’s a tough business of course and you will be hearing the word NO quite a lot. Be prepared for that and know that it isn’t the last audition. Just keep at it!