How Modeling is like any other Business…

Posted on February 16, 2018

It isn’t called “show business for nothing.”

One simple truth behind the fame and the success of most models is: They approach it like a business. They realize that for them to succeed in this industry in the long run, they need to bring more than just their talent and looks to the table. That they can’t rely on luck for ‘discovery’. That they need to change their approach and acquire all the skills and network needed to make discovery the only option. Whether you are an industry veteran or a newbie, here’s a quick guide on how to approach your craft as a business.

Find your niche

Today, modeling opportunities are exploding with increasing media coverage and greater market diversification. There is a need for every kind of look from young to old, commercial to casual and everything in between. Spend some time on yourself and identify the kind of look you best represent. Understand what aspects of your look photographers and brands identify with and this will help you reach the right people. This ensures you pursue contacts and a network that can actively funnel the right kind of jobs to you.

Be professional

This is a word of mouth business and most models build their careers through references and repeating clients. A model who throws tantrums at the drop of a hat will find herself with decreasing job opportunities at the very least. Ditto for models who come unprepared, late or are not helpful while on set. Build that work ethic that makes you an automatic pick for casting directors based on how easy it is to work with you. Talent can get you far, but professionalism is guaranteed to keep you going even further.

Be seen

Getting consistent acting and modeling offers depends on how many of the right people you know. This industry is driven by references and recommendations and you can never have enough of those. Once you have found the niche you want to focus on, seek out the casting representatives, photographers and others in the field. While targeted networking is your best bet, industry events, socials and forums need to be part of your calendar. Be seen and make friends.

Get online

Who is this new girl/guy? If you want to build a buzz around you, never was it as easy as it is now. With Instagram and Facebook, you can build a loyal fan following with comparatively little effort. Note that while the number of people who know you may increase, it may not directly translate to work. For this, you need talent portals and dedicated platforms who can market you to the right people.

None of these points produce overnight results. Gaining success as a model is a journey that requires time and dedicated effort. Change how you approach your craft and you’ll slowly find yourself with more bookings that ever.