How Can You Prepare Your Child For A Modelling Audition?

Posted on June 7, 2023

Every child and kid is adorable for their parents and loved ones. The cuteness becomes more prominent when the child starts adapting the acting skills at an early stage. They grab the opportunity and learn new things right in their comfort zone without knowing that they act like stars. This charming behaviour and innocent nature make them stand apart from the crowd. The parents need to figure out the spark that actually every child has and eagerly adapt the skills in their day-to-day activities.

There are no specific age group for a child to become a model, but as parents, it is our responsibility to understand your child’s behaviour patterns. Modelling is something that your child can do, but it is surely not the cherry on top, and it involves lots of hard work. Preparing your child for a modelling audition requires a combination of practical and emotional preparation.

Here are some steps you can take to help your child get ready:

Teach modelling basics: Teach your child some basic modelling tips that will improve their skills, such as facing the camera, walking style, different emotions, body language, and facial expressions. You can practise these tips in your comfort zone or with the help of a professional acting academy.

Work on grooming and appearance. Ensure your child is well groomed and presents themselves in a good style. Teach them about basic hygiene and how to take care of their skin and hair. Pay attention to their attire, look, style, and performance for the audition.

Build Confidence: Always encourage your child and motivate them to build their self-confidence. Make them understand that auditions are just opportunities to learn and grow, regardless of the outcome. Practise positive affirmations, teach them simple yoga techniques, and support them emotionally. However, in this situation, both parents and child have to be patient and positive.

Practise mock auditions: Create a mock audition environment in your comfort zone to help your child become more comfortable with the surroundings. Teach them how to present themselves in different walking styles, with different expressions, and in different attires. Give them a new look and let them showcase their skills in that particular style. Never force your child to shoot or learn in an uncomfortable environment. Cheer them up for their auditions and make them practise as much as they can. Encourage your child’s natural personality and help them showcase their unique natural talents.

Prepare their portfolio: A child gets an opportunity when their picture portfolio has the power to fascinate the brands and connect with them. Therefore, always gather the best performance pictures, different acting videos, and reels. This should include high-quality photographs showcasing different looks and expressions. Include their basic information, such as name, age, height, and contact details.

Teach professionalism: Try to teach your child very basic professionalism and etiquette to be a part of the entertainment industry. However, kids have their own personalities and expressions, which cannot be controlled but can be moulded in a decent manner. Make them learn how to respect casting directors, producers, and elders and how to talk politely and courteously to everyone involved. Teach how to share with others and help people during the sets.

Tips to remember before you sign a contract for your child with any casting agency:

Research about the Agency: Research about the Agency: Remember, even though your child is working hard to be a model, as parents, it’s your responsibility to monitor and analyse the agency before signing the final contract. To protect your child from fraud or scams happening in the name of casting agencies, it is important to verify each and every process precisely. Research the casting agency or modelling calls that arrived for your child. Understand their requirements and the types of models they represent. Check the other parent’s feedback and testimonials to stay away from the fraud and scams happening these days.

Approach a Credible Agency: There are a number of reliable and trustworthy casting digital agencies that provide immense opportunities to aspiring child artists and new models in the entertainment industry. You can check their credibility through their online networks. Also, you can check online portals, social media platforms, and feedback. Cast You Agency is one of the well-known digital agencies that provide incredible work to new child artists. They have a professional and experienced team that manages each and every child’s portfolio. Parents need to read the instructions and terms and conditions before signing the sign-up form. They have to share their child’s pictures and portfolio with the agency. The team member will analyse and monitor, and then they will approach the parents. Cast you agency always ensures that the child is in safe hands and should not get trapped in any fraud projects in the future.

Keep the agreement record: While signing the contract, ensure to read each of the terms and conditions. Also ask them what documents they are required to share as parents. Keep one document with you as proof of an agreement signed between the two of you. Written documents and contracts are the proof that will help you and your child stay away from any future frauds and scams that may happen.

Go Along With Your Child: As parents, it is your first responsibility to manage and handle all their phone calls and attend their shoots. Be with them to make them feel comfortable, and cheer for them. A child feels safe when they see their parents and friends with them. If possible, always carry extra clothes, accessories, and a makeup kit for the shoot.